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Diabetes Doctor in Aurangabd

diabetes doctor checking patient pulse

Diabetologist in Aurangabad

What is Diabetes?

According to Dr. Nilesh Lomte, who is diabetes doctor in Aurangabad, Diabetes is one of the leading causes of death and illness around the world. Diabetes complications can grow exponentially in the absence of timely diagnosis and treatment. Because most people with diabetes have no symptoms, it is often discovered only after complications arise. The body is unable to use or store glucose as a result of this condition. The causes and treatment of diabetes are determined by the type of diabetes that one has. If you 

It’s essential to monitor blood sugar levels in order to ensure that they’re under control. For the glands and hormones to function properly, a chemical balance in the body is needed. Any form of dysfunction can result in life-threatening illnesses

Dr. Nilesh Lomte is recognized as the best Diabetes doctor in Aurangabad, and he is a highly experienced doctor providing the best diabetes treatment for each type of diabetes. Endocrinology focuses on endocrine organs or organs that can cause hormonal imbalances, such as the thyroid, pancreas, and ovaries. He is also a known as one of the best Best Endocrinologist in Aurangabad.